Towards dynamic competition policy, regulation and legislation in rapidly rising asia

The Forum

The 2020 Manila Forum on Competition in Developing Countries (2020 Manila Forum) is the second in a series of biennial international fora launched by the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) in 2018. The 2020 Manila Forum aims to explore the complex interplay among regulation, legislation, and competition policy. Weaknesses of institutions in developing countries, including lack of effective competition policy that restrains anticompetitive behavior, have constrained the capacity of many developing countries to appropriate the potential welfare gains that markets offer. Certain legislative action or regulatory initiatives, while often attempting to address development goals, may sometimes have unwarranted consequences on the competition landscape. Their effects may endure for decades, altering development trajectories and spelling the difference between stagnation and prosperity.


Given the strong growth momentum currently enjoyed by a rising Asia, it is timely to provide a platform for the discussion of legislation and regulation that are dynamic–that is, public policies that are forward-looking and responsive to problems that arise at different stages of economic development amidst rapidly evolving local and international market conditions.


Building on the lessons gleaned from past debates, the 2020 Manila Forum, the PCC’s flagship advocacy initiative, shall provide an avenue for the sharing of ideas among regulators, legislators, competition authorities, and businesses. The discourse shall introduce fresh perspectives on competition policy grounded on the experience of—and realities in—developing countries. The forum aims to inform strategies for sustaining rapid growth in a global economic environment characterized by disruption and uncertainty.

Competition Policy in Rapidly Rising Asia: Towards Dynamic Regulation and Legislation

Adapting Legislation for Competition in Public Utilities

keynote speeches

Regulation with a New Lens: Fresh Perspectives on the Role of Competition Policy

Pro-competitive Legislation: Balancing Sectoral Interests and the Objectives of Antitrust

Into the Fold: Creating Secure and Business-friendly Policy Spaces

"Towards Dynamic Competition Policy, Regulation
and Legislation in Rapidly Rising Asia"
30-31 January 2020 | LUZON BALLROOM, sofitel philippine plaza
manila, philippines

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speakers and moderators

Senior Fellow
Melbourne Law School
The University of Melbourne

hassan qaqaya

European Innovation, Technology
and Science Center Foundation

henry schumacher

Executive Vice President and 
Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer I
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

lito villanueva

Competitiveness and Innovation Group

Department of Trade and Industry.

rafaelita aldaba


Management Association of the Philippines

rizalina mantaring

Vice President

 National Graduate Institute

for Policy Studies


tetsushi sonobe

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