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The 2020 Manila Forum on Competition in Developing Countries (2020 Manila Forum) is the second in a series of biennial international fora launched by the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) in 2018. The 2020 Manila Forum aims to explore the complex interplay among regulation, legislation, and competition policy. Weaknesses of institutions in developing countries, including lack of effective competition policy that restrains anti-competitive behavior, have constrained the capacity of many developing countries to appropriate the potential welfare gains that markets offer. Certain legislative action or regulatory initiatives, while often attempting to address development goals, may sometimes have unwarranted consequences on the competition landscape. Their effects may endure for decades, altering development trajectories and spelling the difference between stagnation and prosperity.


Given the strong growth momentum currently enjoyed by a rising Asia, it is timely to provide a platform for the discussion of legislation and regulation that are dynamic–that is, public policies that are forward-looking and responsive to problems that arise at different stages of economic development amidst rapidly evolving local and international market conditions.


Building on the lessons gleaned from past debates, the 2020 Manila Forum, the PCC’s flagship advocacy initiative, shall provide an avenue for the sharing of ideas among regulators, legislators, competition authorities, and businesses. The discourse shall introduce fresh perspectives on competition policy grounded on the experience of—and realities in—developing countries. The forum aims to inform strategies for sustaining rapid growth in a global economic environment characterized by disruption and uncertainty.

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30 January 2020


Media Briefing and Participant's Registration


Opening Ceremony

National Anthem

Welcome Remarks:  Arsenio Balisacan, Chairman,Philippine Competition Commission


Message from the Philippine Government

Salvador Medialdea

Executive Secretary, Office of the President


Keynote Speech: Competition Policy in Rapidly Rising Asia: Towards Dynamic Regulation and Legislation

William Kovacic

Global Competition Professor of Law and Policy, George Washington University





Regulation with a New Lens: Fresh Perspectives on the Role of Competition Policy

For a number of reasons, including market failures inherent in developing economies, States may choose to introduce industrial policies and public interest objectives to the policymaking architecture. Competition policy plays a distinct role in developing markets as it interacts with other state objectives in the context of a rapidly changing global environment.


In consideration of a coherent policy direction, what challenges arise from the complex interplay between competition policy, regulation, and industrial policy? What is the role of antitrust in developing economies where market forces are in flux?



Christine Qiang
Practice Manager, Global Investment and Competition, The World Bank Group



Calla Wiemer
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asian Economics and

President, American Committee on Asian Economic Studies



  • Competition Authority: Ng Ee Kia, Assistant Chief Executive, Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS)

  • Foreign Policymaker: Sakon Varanyuwatana, Chairman, Office of Trade Competition Commission (OTCC) of Thailand

  • Private Sector Representative: Henry Schumacher, President, European Innovation, Technology, and Science Center Foundation

  • Academe: Tetsushi Sonobe, Vice President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies




Pro-competitive Legislation: Balancing Sectoral Interests and the Objectives of Antitrust

Legislation institutionalizes rules and shapes the strategic behavior of public and private players over the long term. Lawmakers strive to advance stakeholder objectives – goals which may not necessarily align with the objective of promoting market efficiency. Pro-competitive reforms can bring significant dividends by promoting self-sustaining market dynamism, while anti-competitive laws can shackle market forces and impede progress for decades.


What steps can the legislature take to identify and correct existing anti-competitive regulations? How can conflicting stakeholder objectives be reconciled during the legislative process?


Stella Luz Quimbo
Representative, House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines



Johannes Bernabe
Commissioner, Philippine Competition Commission


  • Competition Authority: Jaeho Moon, Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC)

  • International CPL Expert: Hassan Qaqaya, Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law Masters, The University of Melbourne

  • Private Sector Representative: Rizalina Mantaring, President, Management Association of the Philippines

  • Academe: Gwen Grecia-De Vera, Professor, College of Law, University of the Philippines

31 January 2020


Recap of Day 1


Keynote Speech: Adapting Legislation for Competition in Public Utilities

Sherwin Gatchalian*

Senator, Republic of the Philippines


Into the Fold: Creating Secure and Business-friendly Policy Spaces

Rapid technological development has enabled entrepreneurship, creating new markets and bringing more diverse economic participants into the fold. A sufficiently flexible regulatory environment allows firms to experiment with new technology and business models within a controlled market and limited time period.


How can the government collaborate with the private sector to foster an environment conducive to innovation, entrepreneurship and vigorous competition? What are the key elements of a dynamic regulatory environment and inclusive innovation ecosystem that will allow firms to develop new products and adopt emerging technologies while ensuring market stability and consumer protection?



Ioannis Kokkoris
Professor of Law and Economics, Dean for International, Queen Mary University
of London


Amabelle Asuncion
Commissioner, Philippine Competition Commission


  • Competition Authority: Mochammad Hendry Setyawan, Head of Borneo Regional Office, Indonesia Competition Commission

  • Policymaker: Rafaelita Aldaba, Undersecretary, Competitiveness and Innovation Group, Department of Trade and Industry, Republic of the Philippines

  • Development Organization: Graciela Miralles Murciego, Senior Economist, The World Bank Group

  • Private Sector Representative: Lito Villanueva, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation and Chairman,

  • Academe: Thomas Cheng, Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong

1:45 onwards

Closing Remarks:  Macario de Claro, Jr., Commissioner, Philippine Competition Commission



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